Beginning Of A Journey.

Wow, has this project been fun. Recording and producing my own EP has been such a humbling journey. I never thought that when I wrote my song, "More Than Ordinary", that I would be able to release my own 5 track EP. I am so thankful to the people who have supported me along the way, they have really helped me realize that I can make my dreams a reality. I have put so much work and passion into this EP, and I can only hope it shows. I also hope that people who listen to the songs, are able to find a little piece of themselves in any of the lyrics. If this happens, I would feel like I have succeeded. One of the main reasons I love music is because everyone can find a connection with a song in different ways. To have someone feel a connection with one of my songs, would be amazing. 

"More Than Ordinary" is just the beginning. I am fully committed to my dreams and I am not going to stop. It's full speed ahead. I can't wait to travel on this journey, and I am so excited to see what the future will hold. Again, I can't tell you enough how much everyone's support means. Thank you for listening to me and for believing in my music!