Importance of Patience

Hey Everyone!!

I am INCREDIBLY anxious right now. Feels like I am playing the waiting game! There's A LOT of work that's been going on behind the scene with mixing, and now mastering, and the EP is taking longer than expected but waiting and doing things right, is going to pay off in the end! RexTrax Studios has been awesome throughout this whole process. I will probably never record anywhere else in Atlanta. So helpful with everything. Hopefully the mastering will be done next week, then it should be on iTunes 2 weeks from now! 

Can't wait to start playing live again! Seems like it's been forever! (And I have lost my voice this week, not fun! ). I am going to be recording music videos in the next couple of months with my band, so excited for that, but I am a terrible actor so we will see how I do ;).


Thanks again for your continued support!! Next time I talk to you, it will be about how to get my EP!