2014 so far...

Hello everyone!!

I know it's been a while since I have written to you, but I promise to get better, because this year couldn't have begun any better. 

As dumb as people think New Years resolutions are, they aren't. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a goal to work towards. And that is to make something of myself, and my music. 

The EP release party at Smith's was awesome. So much support, it was overwhelming. Truly can't believe the response I have gotten from the 5 tracks, and it's just fueled me to keep going and to keep on writing more music that people can relate to, and jam out in their car to. 

Booking gig's isn't easy! Thankfully, Smith's has been awesome about having me headline a show in May, and I met a guy at Eddie's Attic who wants to take a chance on me and is letting me open for a well-known southern rock band in April. It's pretty cool to think that I will be singing in the exact spot that John Mayer got his start in. 

Also...my band is AWESOME. Andy has always been there for me, to write with me, to encourage me, and to just be a good friend. Chris is hilarious, and a great drummer, and has really dedicated himself to this. Found a new bassist, Derek, who is a really cool dude, and a sweet bass player. Really excited to have him on board! Practice has been a lot of fun, and we are getting ready to play with a full band coming up!

Did I mention "More Than Ordinary" was played on the radio!? At 8pm, on a Sunday night!?! That was surreal. Thanks to Radio 105.7 for supporting local artists, and for WANTING to play my song. That was pretty cool.

Hoping to get in the studio soon, I have been working on a couple new songs. They both have a different feel, but come from situations I've dealt with over the past few years. Dealing with people who have multiple personalities, and questioning if I am where I need to be right now (which I have decided that I am...). Can't wait for you all to hear them at my live shows.

In other news in my life, met an unexpected person that has already made me the happiest I think I've ever been (which is scary to say, but I am confident in saying this) and every day is a new adventure. Not getting too detailed in my personal life, that's what my songs are for ;)

I want to end every post thanking you for reading, for listening, for sharing, for believing, for everything. It means more than you know. 

Live with passion,


It's here!

My first EP is finally out! The feedback couldn't be better, everyone is so supportive and sharing my music, not going to lie, it feels awesome! Even having just one person that doesn't know me enjoy it, that's enough. 

Waiting for this has been worth it. Still can't believe that we are having my EP release party at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta! Never though I'd be able to play there, pretty neat! I can't wait to play a full set with Andy and Chris (LOVE playing with these guys), and excited to have a new friend, Jeremy Wayne Dean, play before hand (very talented). 

I hope everyone comes that says they will come, I can't wait to see everyone!!

Thanks again for all of your support in this dream, this is only the beginning.

Importance of Patience

Hey Everyone!!

I am INCREDIBLY anxious right now. Feels like I am playing the waiting game! There's A LOT of work that's been going on behind the scene with mixing, and now mastering, and the EP is taking longer than expected but waiting and doing things right, is going to pay off in the end! RexTrax Studios has been awesome throughout this whole process. I will probably never record anywhere else in Atlanta. So helpful with everything. Hopefully the mastering will be done next week, then it should be on iTunes 2 weeks from now! 

Can't wait to start playing live again! Seems like it's been forever! (And I have lost my voice this week, not fun! ). I am going to be recording music videos in the next couple of months with my band, so excited for that, but I am a terrible actor so we will see how I do ;).


Thanks again for your continued support!! Next time I talk to you, it will be about how to get my EP!



Beginning Of A Journey.

Wow, has this project been fun. Recording and producing my own EP has been such a humbling journey. I never thought that when I wrote my song, "More Than Ordinary", that I would be able to release my own 5 track EP. I am so thankful to the people who have supported me along the way, they have really helped me realize that I can make my dreams a reality. I have put so much work and passion into this EP, and I can only hope it shows. I also hope that people who listen to the songs, are able to find a little piece of themselves in any of the lyrics. If this happens, I would feel like I have succeeded. One of the main reasons I love music is because everyone can find a connection with a song in different ways. To have someone feel a connection with one of my songs, would be amazing. 

"More Than Ordinary" is just the beginning. I am fully committed to my dreams and I am not going to stop. It's full speed ahead. I can't wait to travel on this journey, and I am so excited to see what the future will hold. Again, I can't tell you enough how much everyone's support means. Thank you for listening to me and for believing in my music!